Urbex Guide


Hello current, new or soon to be explorers

Here is a guide of some tips and advice on Urban Exploration

1) Know your terms: What is UrbEx?

Urbex is short for "Urban Exploration" which is essentially the exploration of abandoned buildings or structures in otherwise populated areas.

2) Do some research

Connecticut has hundreds if not thousands of abandoned buildings, ask around you will be surprised what you find. It is important to scout out an area for parking and a place of entry prior to arriving... I recommend Google Maps

3) Get necessary equipment

A flash light is a must, even during the day. As most abandoned buildings don't have power... Be sure to bring extra battery, water and a camera or cell phone to take pictures

4) Know the Law

Read up on local and state law before your exploration so you are aware of what you are getting yourself into. You might get lucky and find a place to explore on public land but more likely it will be on private property. Here is the current law regarding trespassing in the state of Connecticut

5) Bring a buddy

Just as the title says... Always bring a buddy... ALWAYS!

6) Be Safe

If something doesn't look safe such as a rotted floor do not risk it no matter how much you want to. As disappointing as it may be it's not worth getting injured over a few good shots. And I can't say it enough... BRING A BUDDY!

7) Take tons of photos

This isn't the 80's anymore, most all people have the ability to take an almost unlimited amount of photos. Document everything even if it doesn't seem interesting at the time.

8) Take steady photos

Especially if you are a beginner most people are a little shaky and nervous once inside an abandoned building. Getting inside was the hard part now you can settle down and focus. You will have the opportunity to get some awesome photos... There is nothing worse then a finger in the lens. 

9) Leave no trace

You probably aren't going to be the only one to explore a location so be mindful of the people that come after you and have respect for the property owner. Leave the place as you found it... You represent all Urban Explorers so don't give the Urbex community as a whole a bad name. "Take Pictures Leave Footprints"

10) Have fun

Urbex is an exciting thing... There is nothing more cool then walking into a place trapped in time. You will be sure to have some crazy memories and story's to tell at the dinner table, so make the best of it.

This article is based on personal recommendations and tips
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