Saturday, August 10, 2013

XPect Discounts

XPect Discounts in North Haven was once one of 7 stores in the Connecticut chain. What started off as a Discount Drug store in the late 1980's soon expanded into a full Grocery Store. In the early 2000's the store expanded into the former toy store next door; thus adding a full pet food, cereal and chemical department. During the addition Frozen Foods was also expanded... XPect had become a "one stop shop" and business was good. But like most places business slowed during the recession and the cost to operate in the State of Connecticut continued to increase. Though still making increases in sales, "MGI" (the parent company of XPect) decided to shut down that location taking over 67 jobs with it.

Our Experience: You are probably wondering how I got in there? Well I actually used to work there for almost 3 years... And let me tell you it sure was a great store to work for, and I actually enjoyed going to work everyday.

Status Update: Dicks Sporting Goods announced plans to remodel the building and open in summer 2015

2/20/15- MGI anounced that all XPect Stores will vacate Connecticut in 12 months

 Produce, Frozen, and Dairy Cooler
Cheese Table
 Produce Cooler
 Produce Dept.

 Customer Service



 Cash Office
 Managers Office
 The Crew

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Update: Super Market, Gun Factory

Update: Hey everyone, I know you have been waiting on the gun factory story but I've been working on a story that I think most of you will like. Not often are there stories or pictures of Abandoned Super Markets and I got access into one... So stay tune... This article will feature before and after pictures also.

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