Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Downs Road

Downs Road, located between the towns of Hamden and Bethany, Connecticut. What once was a complete route from one town to another is now an abandoned dirt road with gates blocking the entrance and exit. The remnants of foundations and rock walls are all evidence that remain of this road’s past.
We have experienced this road in both the afternoon and night. The afternoon makes for a great scenic drive through the woods with a peaceful hike thereafter. The night...well that is a different story. When we arrived on site after a long and quit spooky drive through the woods we were greeted by a long dark dirt road (Downs Road). While walking the entire stretch we heard on multiple occasions what appeared to be screaming in the distance, as well as figures appearing ahead of us on the trail. It made for one scary night. So if you are up for a good scenic drive and day hike Downs Road in the afternoon is the place for you. If you are the more adventurous thrill seeking type, the night time is what it is all about.

Be mindful of Private Property! Do not walk across peoples lawns!