Thursday, April 18, 2024

Connecticut, Thank you for tuning in

As you can tell we haven’t posted to this website in a long while… 7 years to be exact. People get busy and time moves on and an issue with the domain name recently had me come to the decision to archive this page with no further updates. I want to thank the 1,263,353 people who have viewed this website over the last 12 years… and have shared the interest and fascination with the history that many of us have forgotten. I’ve been amazed how to this day radio stations and news outlets still quote explorations we did years ago. I started this website in 2012 because I was tired of the same stories of the same places I’d see over and over so I thought “let’s showcase some new ones”… well as it turns out the residents of Connecticut wanted to see the same thing. I have never made a dime off this website, I posted for the pure joy of sharing these explorations with you. 

I will continue to post occasionally as I have been on our Facebook and YouTube pages sharing the latest nostalgia and history around Connecticut.

Once again, thank you and Happy Exploring


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