Friday, August 29, 2014

Showcase Cinemas

Everyone has been to one and most people go all the time, Movie theaters have been round for generations. This particular cinema is ideal, dark theaters, no crying babies and no lines for the bathroom… Well it would be ideal if movies still played here. This theater located in southwestern New Haven County has been closed for almost a decade. Nature has already started to take its claim back on the parking lot and vines climb the walls. Soda fountains sit dry and projectors are on permanent standby.

Keep in mind, Trespassing is Illegal! Explore at your own risk and be safe

Status Update: Demolished 2014 to make way for a new ShopRite

 Popcorn anyone?

 From Screen looking back
 Back to front

 Going up to the projection room

                                            2005 (Picture by Mara Lavitt NHR)                                                            

 Present day 2014


  1. I worked here for years and even before that I grew up around this building because my father worked there. I also met my wife here and even though years later I left the company on bitter terms, I still have great memories and wonderful friends who grew up with me working here. I thank you for these photos. It's great to see how it looked before demolition. The last time I saw the inside was the last night they were open when I was there for the very last show.

  2. This is gone now. It's been torn down. Don't know what is going to replace it on the site.

  3. Lived a street away with my boyfriend at the time, got to explore the remaining theaters & projection room about a week before they ripped everything down. Sadly the lobby was already gone at this point, was looking forward to seeing it as its the only room I vividly remember as a little kid when the theaters were still open. Lots of evidence of squatters, this place was probably really populated by homeless people throughout the years of being abandoned. Half because the homeless population in this town is really high & half because it's near a few liquors stores. The night that I explored it we heard the noises of someone sprinting away from us while we were heading towards the projection room. Then later saw the silouette of a person watching us from outside the theater as we went to leave. Very spooky. Although more than likely just a squatter. The first time I ever ran into another person whilst exploring though

  4. Did East Hartford's Showcase get torn down? I know it is closed...

    1. the building still stands

    2. I went to the EastHartford Showcase to see Star Wars,Alien,...I remembered when they built it and it opened.It was like the greatest thing ever because it was big and the screens were big and it was all shiney and new.All us teens used to go there to play video games as well.And not just to wait for the movie to start.Which is what we did when going to see a movie.Go early and play video games.Place had lines all the way around for Star Wars.

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